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For the return on investment, you can't find a better bang for your buck than a functional, unique, professional-looking website that generates traffic and sales leads for your Greater Vancouver business. Properly leveraging web-based technologies is crucial to the success of businesses this day and age.

♦ Why Hire a Vancouver Web Design Professional?

Building a website is simple — anyone can do it! So why even hire Vancouver web design professionals to build you a website considering it's so easy? Imagine picking up a paintbrush, placing it against a canvas, and filling that canvas with colour. Isn't that pretty much what's involved in painting a picture? Anyone can do it.

Not quite! And it's the same when it comes to web design - anyone can do it, but it takes a true website design professional to produce exceptional results.

Your website's design — its usability, its "look and feel", its layout and download time — is the visitor's very first impression of your business. Our Vancouver website designers haven't used a phone book in years. If we're shopping for something, or looking for some information on a product, a store, accommodations, or any other service, we go straight to the Internet. And if you're anything like us, you won't take a business seriously if they don't have a professional-looking, quick-loading and properly functioning website.

So, why hire professional, experienced Vancouver website designers like DDWM? Because your business depends on it.

♦ Our Vancouver Web Design Process

From our initial discovery session and subsequent milestone reviews to project planning and management to your new website's testing, final evaluation and official launch, we've refined our website design process down to a fine science.

♦ Basic Website Design Services

A basic, or brochure, website may very well be considered the least expensive of all website design options. Although our basic website design services are economical by nature, our final product remains highly professional, well designed and search engine friendly.

♦ Graphic Design Services

Our graphic design services include corporate identity and branding development (logos, letterhead, business cards, etc.), graphic user interface design (headers, mastheads, buttons, footers, etc. for websites), banner and email advertisements, background imagery, and more

♦ Flash Design + Animation Services

Flash design and animation can be a great asset for any website. When used appropriately, it can attract and captivate visitors, and is often able to help tell your story better than simple, static graphics. However, when used predominantly throughout the website, there may be times you may want to reconsider.

♦ Content Development + Copy-Writing For The Web

Lackluster website copy which fails to invoke emotions, tell compelling stories, create vivid mental imagery, and excite prospects about your product or service is one of the most common reasons websites fail. Using sound online copy-writing and content development practices, web design clients experience considerably more traction than expected.

♦ Website Redesign Services

Is your website unable to fulfill all of your online marketing objectives? Are you hoping to upgrade your website with a new look and feel? About time you started thinking mobile? Whether it's about implementing new functionality, optimizing written copy, or integrating a more sophisticated, elegant look, you need our website redesign professionals on board.

♦ Why Choose Vancouver's Digital Diamond Web Media?

There are a number of reasons to choose Digital Diamond Web Media, including

And there are many more reasons to choose Digital Diamond Web Media.

♦ Getting Started With Your Website Design Project!

Whatever your web-based project may be, let DDWM look after your Vancouver website design requirements. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business put its best foot forward on the web - call 604.540.2348 or email us!