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For over a decade, Digital Diamond Web Media has had the opportunity to refine its process of designing and developing websites. By leveraging our proven business and web technology experience, our Greater Vancouver clients have far more say in their website project and gain a greater understanding of online best practices than many initially expect. The final outcome is a stronger sense of ownership, involvement and participation by our clients throughout the website design process.

♦ The Discovery Session

From the onset, it's essential for Digital Diamond Web Media to have a sound understanding of your website project's goals. An initial discovery session provides an opportunity to learn more about your project ideas, determine your online business objectives, and assess your new website's technological requirements.

This initial collaborative meeting between your team and ours enables our Vancouver website experts to analyze your project vision, your revenue-generation, branding and marketing objectives, your target market, your competition as well as strategies to generate new and repeat traffic to your website through an exceptional user experience.

♦ Initial Project Outline + Preparation

Depending on the nature of your website design and web development project's requirements, a reasonably short, yet marketable domain name may be selected and registered. Website structure is mapped out, email communication needs are examined and all graphical and text content to be used is collected.

♦ Web Page Template Design

At this stage of the website design process, our work truly begins and your website's "look and feel" is created.

Imagery and photography, color palates and schemes, page arrangements, menu systems and the like are integrated to meet with your company and brand's identity as well as the website's technological requirements. Written content is tailored towards your web audience. Graphical content is optimized for expedient online delivery to visitor's browsers. Page architecture is made cross-browser compatible to ensure a consistent look and feel from desktop to mobile.

A preliminary template design is then uploaded to our test server for your review.

♦ Website Layout + Content Integration

Once the website's template has been approved, we move into the meat of the project. Written content, images and design elements are integrated into the website. Dynamic technologies are incorporated, breathing life into your website. Forms are constructed, allowing your customers to interact with your company via email, place product orders or secure your services directly from the comfort and convenience of their computer.

♦ Testing + Beta Review

Once our website design process reaches this stage, we review the website with our client. Any requested changes are then implemented, and the web-site project is thoroughly tested to ensure it's both free of programming errors and compatible with all mainstream web browsers.

♦ Final Evaluation + Official Launch

Once testing is completed, a final review takes place before the website goes live. This gives both our client and us a chance to review the project and make any final changes as necessary. This is integral to the process as it ensures nothing is overlooked, and the web-site is ready to be uploaded for general public access. At this point, any web marketing strategies can begin to be implemented.

♦ How Our Vancouver Web Designers Get The Job Done

Simply put, Digital Diamond Web Media is here to help your business succeed online. Your business' success ultimately reflects our own. As a result, our Vancouver web design services are combined and customized to meet with your unique website design vision and fulfill your business' online objectives.

Following is the full range of website design services we provide:

Should your business' website design project requirements be more sophisticated, we offer a complete range of web development services to help you with blog software implementation, content management systems, eCommerce integration, business application development and more.

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