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Digital Diamond Web Media offers Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island businesses one of the most complete and comprehensive managed web hosting solutions available.

♦ Domain Name Registrations + Renewals

Domain names are labels, or hostnames, which provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. Translating numeric addresses to alphabetical ones, domain names allow Internet users to more easily locate and visit web sites. Digital Diamond Web Media offers our Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island web hosting clients complete domain name services from search to registration to transfers.

♦ Choosing Our Vancouver Website Hosting Services

Our Vancouver web hosting services include all the facilities required to successfully host, maintain and manage your website. The following standard features are common to all of our Vancouver website hosting packages:

Our managed Vancouver web hosting plans provide powerful, reliable hosting in affordable, feature-rich packages. Our servers can support a wide range of dynamic web technologies such as CGI, Perl and PHP and can be quickly combined with one or more MySQL databases. These features combined give our Vancouver web hosting clients the ultimate in power, cost-effectiveness and flexibility needed for their online business to thrive.

♦ Selecting The Right Vancouver Website Hosting Package For You

We offer three distinct managed website hosting packages, each of which relies on the above features as its foundation, and each bringing its own value forward in terms of what you really need out of your website.

♦ What Transaction Processing Solutions Are Available To You?

Should your Vancouver business be in the process of looking into having an eCommerce website hosted, you'll likely want to explore your transaction processing options. Some of the more commonly used payment gateways we've had the opportunity of working with regularly include Payfirma, BeanStream, Moneris and, of course, PayPal.

Each brings their own value to the world of online credit card transaction processing.

♦ Benefits of Using Our Vancouver Website Hosting Solutions

With over a decade of experience working with various Canadian and American website hosting providers, our Vancouver website hosting team has refined its managed website hosting services to an art. Our Vancouver website hosting clients continue to grow, and have reaffirmed time and again how our Vancouver website hosting services remain one of the last things on their mind.

Contact our Vancouver website hosting team to discover how we can help you quickly and successfully host your website today - call 604.540.2348 or send us an email!