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The success of your eCommerce website is largely governed not only by its design and development, but also by the very nature of its website hosting service and support.

Working with your Greater Vancouver business to understand your online business goals and gauge your anticipated volume of traffic, Digital Diamond Web Media's Vancouver eCommerce hosting experts are able to leverage considerable experience having worked with numerous Canadian and American website hosting providers and data centers over the years. Put our expertise to work for you.

♦ Can You Integrate eCommerce Into Your Existing Website?

Good question. Imagine realizing exceptional results from your website. The traffic you're getting online is continuously growing as are your sales. New employees are hired, and more products are added to the line to meet customers' various demands. Eventually, your 10 or 15 page HTML website needs 40, 80 or hundreds of pages to accommodate your business' growth.

Keeping up with all of the pages in HTML and updating them individually would become a nightmare. It's time to move from a basic website design to an ecommerce website, integrating scripting languages, one or more databases to accommodate your business' growth, its products and/or services, integrating TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, implementing and testing your online payment gateway, and much more.

♦ Explore Our Secure Vancouver eCommerce + Shopping Cart Hosting Solutions

Our Greater Vancouver clients, large and small, count on us to provide eCommerce hosting solutions for simple business needs through to more complex requirements such as custom shopping carts, online customer loyalty programs, inventory and sales tracking, logitisics and distribution.

It's quite possible an implementation of an open source solution such as ZenCart, Drupal, Magento, Joomla or osCommerce may be the perfect fit. These ecommerce platforms typically allow for far more direct control over your content, pricing, distribution, shipping and logistics, should you wish to be more hands-on.

For more complex shopping cart applications, our Vancouver eCommerce development team may design and develop a custom ecommerce solution tailored specifically to your online business requirements.

♦ What Is TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology?

Simply put, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols which provide communication security over the Internet. They are essential technologies when providing eCommerce or any other kind of secure data transactions such as registration forms, login forms, order forms, account management, etc.

Digital Diamond Web Media utilizes the latest security technology available to enable and ensure secure transactions for your Vancouver ecommerce-enabled websites. An SSL certificate gives customers confidence in your website's identity and reliability. Offering SSL security adds credibility to your online Vancouver business and demonstrates a desire to protect customer information and privacy. And, for eCommerce, it's essential.

♦ Transaction Processing Tools Available For Your Vancouver eCommerce Website

To help process credit card transactions securely for your Vancouver eCommerce website, it's important to determine how you wish to process your ecommerce transactions ahead of time, and to ensure your ecommerce site adheres to industry standards when implementing transaction security and fraud prevention measures.

Some of the more commonly used payment gateway APIs we've worked with include Payfirma, BeanStream, Moneris and PayPal.

Each brings its own value to the world of online credit card transaction processing.

♦ Details About Our Vancouver eCommerce Hosting Service Package

Our Vancouver web hosting services include all the facilities required to successfully host, maintain and manage your website. The following standard features are common to all of our Vancouver website hosting packages:

Our managed Vancouver eCommerce Hosting Service provides powerful, reliable hosting in an affordable, feature-rich package. Each Vancouver eCommerce Hosting Service Package also comes with:

Our servers can support a wide range of dynamic web technologies such as CGI, Perl and PHP and can be quickly combined with one or more MySQL databases. These features combined give our Vancouver web hosting clients the ultimate in power, cost-effectiveness and flexibility needed for their online business to thrive.

quarterly annually
n/a* $390

* SSL Certificates are Issued on an Annual Basis

♦ Benefits of Using Our Vancouver eCommerce Hosting Services

For well over a decade now, our Vancouver eCommerce hosting team has witnessed several of our Vancouver website hosting clients experience their best years in business following the transfer of their website to our hosting services. They hired our team of Vancouver eCommerce professionals and it paid off in spades. Our Vancouver eCommerce clients' businesses continue to grow, and have reaffirmed our Vancouver eCommerce hosting team was instrumental in helping them achieve the level of success and security they enjoy today.

Contact our Vancouver eCommerce hosting team for more info on how we can help you get your eCommerce business online today — call 604.540.2348 or send us an email!